Kate Hart

Hi, my name is Kate, I am the owner and creator of Bitter Squeaks. I find a lot of great things while on great adventures. I love b-horror, musicals, and the 90s’. If you combine all three, I’m in love. I drink coffee, a lot. I sell things that I think are cute. I love Ruth E Newton, and vintage rubber toys. I can be found roaming southern California searching for treasures and junk I don’t need. I like antique medical equipment, busts of composers, pianos, strange books, mix tapes, old toys, and taxidermy. I am sure that a clean house, big hair and good manners will get you very far in life.

I recently traveled to Ohio to meet with the family of Edward Mobley. I was able to discover and purchase his entire estate. His estate includes the toys you know and love, prototypes of toys, original wax molds, the original metal molds, hand printed toys by Edward Mobley himself, limited toy catalogs given to interested buyers, etc.

This collection of treasures is for sale, I am here to share the memories of Edward Mobley with people who adore him.

Hi, I’m Mab. I am a pop-surrealist artist and illustrator. My work is inspired deeply by fairy tales and old classic literature. I blame this on her parents who unrelentingly read aloud to her and her three sisters as small impressionable children.

They call my studio “the Forest” because it is wild, untamed, and probably full of wolves. Some artist need a quiet, Zen place to create. Soft music and a distraction free zone. Oh heavens I work in chaos. I paint with distractions full on!

Since I am completely self taught, I don’t have words or technical terms to harness what I do, I paint totally on instinct, so I have found that the more I distract my conscious mind, the better.

My studio always has at least 2 dozen projects, in varying states of “done-ness”. I normally have to high-step (and even leap) over piles of creations to get to the little low Japanese table where I paint. It’s my daily accidental work out ^_^

Mab Graves

Sheri DeBow

Hi, I’m Sherri, Ever since I was little I’ve always had my hands on some form of art. I relish in creating something fun or amazing where others would think of as nothing there. Whether it’s a blank canvas or scraps of wood, wire, fabric or clay, I see possibilities in everything around me.

After years of painting and sculpting for myself I decided to stop playing it safe and force myself to be vulnerable & share my God given ability. I had my first art show in the Napa Valley and it was a great success. I realized it was time to start focusing on my art since it was already my passion. I have shown from Germany, Canada, New York, New Orleans out to San Francisco, L.A., Seattle and back again! I now have pieces hanging all over the globe! I have been a full time artist now for quite a few years and it is a constant labor of love. I pour so much of myself and my life into every piece of work, that at times, it is almost impossible to let them go.

Hi, Squid here, welcome to my grotto!!

I’m just an urban mermaid named Squid, who also happens to be an artist, tea drinker, singer, photographer, creator. Selling some thingamabobs, whosits and whatsits.

I was so excited to paint some magical pieces for Bitter Squeaks. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Squid Vishuss